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Hit the streets ready to roll out in style

Old Max Choppers are built by men that know how precious the freedom of a ride is. We think about every little detail and take nothing for granted. It's not just about the bike, It's about the freedom of the ride.

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Don't get caught without you're gear

We offer a wide range of Old Max specialty items for wherever the road may take you. Plan your next get away with Old Max in mind.
Travel cups, dependable Zippo™ Lighters and a change of clothes are all available.

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Built strong from the inside to the streets

Solid steel custom frames keep our bikes from getting loose. Hand fabricated metal parts allow our choppers to demand respect. On the inside, we know it's all about heart. That's why we run a 125 C.I. V-TWIN EVO Style Power Plant with a Mikuni 45mm.

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